MAN Insan Cendekia


“Roses Trémières” by Berthe Morisot

Science Learning

Help students explore connections across domains of science and engineering design. When these concepts, such as “cause and effect”, are made explicit for students, they can help students develop a coherent and scientifically-based view of the world around them. Qualitatively different approach to meet the demands of twenty-first century skills. Critically examines the scientific understanding of future learning.

Life Learning

Makes academic learning fun and relevant to real-life situations in age appropriate and grade specific material. As a result, the positive character traits and skills learned by participation in Learning for Life not only make students more confident and capable, but also give them an invaluable understanding of how things work in the real world.

Religion Learning

Through habituation, student can practice the Islamic learning in sustainable manner. Applied habituation to students has a positive contributed to religion attitudes. Education through habituation is a practical effort in fostering children. Prepare students to face the future.